Bobble of the Day

Player: Barry Zito

Team: USC Trojans

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Success Promotions 

It was hard to watch Barry Zito pitch after he got that humongous billion dollar contract, as he continually got lit up light a Christmas tree. Prior to this big contract, he was pretty much lights out. He had a curveball that would bend your dick in half on any count. I’m not sure if the guitar playing or the weed got to his head, but soon after he sucked in the worse way. He’ll be remembered as an above average pitcher in the bigs and rightfully so. 

I had no idea that he went to USC until a fellow Sniper tipped me off on this bobblehead. As you should know from previous blogs, any USC SGA bobblehead is highly collectible no matter what. And now we have a special treat with Mr. Zito in his USC get up. 

Barry has an open stance ready to spin a curveball that falls right off the table. The high cardinal stirrups is a vintage but classic look. Everything from the letters on front of the base to the front and back of his jersey are all raised. Success Promotions wasn’t fucking around when they manufactured this one. Another precision detail is the “slanted” pitching mound. Success could have made a flat ground mound but no. The company cares enough to please us collector’s and they slanted the mound to look authentic so job well done by Success.




Sniper Rating: It goes without saying that Barry’s face and hair look very similar to him in real life. Is it “exactly” the same? No, but it’s pretty damn close and that’s all we as collector’s care about. Finally, the box has a high gloss feel and there’s a bunch of photo’s and stats of Mr. Zito. I dig the USC slogan of “Fight On” on the side of the box as that’s what the Trojans live and breathe for. Overall, Barry Zito was an above average pitcher but we’re talking USC here. That means this Barry Zito USC bobblehead needs to be in your display cabinet asap. Success Promotions absolutely nailed this bobble for the Trojan faithful and Barry scores a 9.5 rating.