Bobble of the Day

Team: Atlanta Hawks

Players: Trae Young, John Collins, Cam Reddish, Kevin Huerter, De’Andre Hunter

Year: 2020

Manufacturer: Kollectico 

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the bobblehead community given the lack of SGA bobbleheads not being offered to fans. We all know baseball is the prime season for giveaways and to date, there are some NBA bobble giveaways here and there, but nothing compared to baseball. The Atlanta Hawks Consultant Group Experience headed by my friend Emily came up with a great idea. She created the idea of giving out 5 different Hawks bobbleheads limited to only 250 of each player through a special ticket offer. You get the choice of buying a ticket to a game and choosing the bobble you want! This is a super exclusive ticket package and the fact that only 250 of each player bobble are made, makes this set harder to obtain. 

I was lucky enough to score a full set from the Hawks and these are the real deal Snipers. The following players are included in the 5 player set: Trae Young, John Collins, Cam Reddish, Kevin Huerter and De’andre Hunter. Not only does each player have a different action pose but each base interlocks with each other. I love this concept as you can literally display these anywhere on a flat surface. These mini bobbleheads are great for the office desk, fireplace mantle or even in your bobblehead display cabinet. Furthermore, I’m a HUGE fan that the jersey colors on the players are not the same color. The mixture of white, black and red really make this full 5 player set pop.

Sniper Rating: I’m not going to sugar coat this bobble set because I was sent these as you know I’m a straight shooter when it comes to reviewing bobbleheads. I love this set. The facial features are precise and the finer details that include wrist bands, leg and arm sleeves and multiple colored socks are legit. If you’re in the Atlanta area you NEED to click the link below and score 5 tickets and choose a different bobblehead for each game you go to. Or even better yet, if Trae Young or De’andre Hunter is your favorite player and you want to grab multiples of their bobble, you have the option to chose the same player. 

I love this set and you won’t be disappointed. My only gripe is I was hoping for raised letters on the front of the base but we can’t always get what we want. The fact that this 5 player set interlocks is an insane feature. Click the link below as tickets aren’t expensive and you’ll be happy that you did when you have this entire set displayed. Go Hawks!