Bobble of the Day

Player: Alvin Kamara

Team: New Orleans Saints

Year: 2018

Manufactuer: Forever Collectibles

Fantasy Football is the first thing you think of when it comes to Alvin Kamara. Duel threat is right on fucking point as this dude runs and catches the ball with grace. I personally have Kamara on 2 of my fantasy teams and I plan on winning the Super Bowl with him. FOCO once again manufactured a deluxe bobble of Alvin Kamara as it’s labeled “Duel Threat”. 

Kamara is literally in a pose where he’s both catching and running with the pigskin. The letters on the base are raised and the phrase “Duel Threat” stand strong on top. His right arm where he’s catching the ball bobbles as well as his fucking dome piece.




Sniper Rating: FOCO never cuts corners and if you look close, you can see they added a silver nose ring for Kamara. How fucking brilliant is that? Name me another manufacturer that covers all bases of making a bobblehead? You won’t as FOCO is the premiere maker in the game. Add this New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara Duel Threat bobble before they sell out. Show it off to your boys at next year’s Fantasy Draft and they’ll be sucking your dick asking where you scored it. Alvin and his insane football skills bobble scores a solid 9.5. 

Do yourself a favor and click the link below and snag this one. Tell them the Sniper sent you as you won’t be disappointed in the least. 

Alvin Kamara New Orleans Saints Dual Threat Bobblehead