Bobble of Day

Player: Aaron Judge

Team: New York Yankees

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Roughly, 6 months ago I reviewed the Noah Syndergaard caricature bobblehead, as I knew it was the best looking one in the series. Now comes along the Aaron Judge caricature bobble and it’s straight fire. Yes, I know I’ve bitched and moaned about how many Judge exclusives that have been manufactured within the past year, but this isn’t an exclusive. This is a cartoonish bobblehead and it’s of All Rise himself and it’s deluxe for sure!

Mr. Judge stands a firm 6 inches tall and has his gavel in hand, ready to smash a fuckin deep ball to the moon. His robe drapes down to almost his ankles and on the front has the white Yankees logo. I love the fact that FOCO added Judge wearing his white and navy blue batting gloves while holding the gavel. And for once, we have a Judge bobblehead that has his gap tooth showing as he smiles. These little features can make or break a collectible and the manufacturer nailed this one. 





Sniper Rating: Let’s be real here. Judge looks like a hitman on this bobblehead. The dark colors of his robe, the hat pulled down low and of course a weapon in hand. He looks like he’s part of the mob and that’s why this caricature bobblehead has an enormous intimidation factor. The only bobbleheads I have within this caricature series are Syndergaard, Harper and now Judge. These 3 contain the most detail and the fact that they don’t take up to much room in your display case means they are all must have’s. 

This New York Yankees Aaron Judge bobblehead scores a 10.0 without question and would be a swag filled collectible to add to your collection prior to Opening Day!