Bobble of the Day

Player: Aaron Judge

Team: New York Yankees

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

There’s certain elements you need to look for within a bobblehead in order for it to qualify to be on A few weeks ago, I highlighted the Syndergaard “Thor” Nickname bobble and now we have the Aaron Judge one. Without question, the “All Rise” hype for this guy is fucking tremendous and he’s only in his 3rd year in the bigs. Let me make this clear that Aaron Judge will be spoken about like Babe Ruth one day. Yes, I know it’s a bold statement but you can’t deny that it may very well be true. He’s a fucking monster and will hit a gazillion more homeruns before he hangs it up. On to the bobble.

Like the Thor Nickname bobblehead, the name “All Rise” is written on the front of the base in white raised letters so we know FOCO didn’t half ass this masterpiece. Judge of course is in his “HR” stance with his weekend jersey and crazy colored socks on. I love these socks more than the bobble itself. Why? Because it stands out and bobbleheads that have pop belong in your display cabinet.




Sniper Rating: These “Nickname” bobbles have a shit ton of swag to them and the fact that the player has his nickname on the back plate makes it even more deluxe. These are the only two nickname ones that reside in the bobble cave but i plan on getting more. I highly recommend you score this New York Yankees Aaron Judge All Rise bobblehead. 

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