Bobble of the Day

Player: Yoenis Cespedes

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So FOCO and the Mets teamed up and created a short series of “Apple Base” retail bobbles only sold in the Mets team store. I first saw a few of them on Ebay and I immediately liked them. The players included in the series are, Cespedes, Jose Reyes, Jacob Degrom and Noah Syndergaard. 

When taking it out of the box, the first thing that pops is the Apple Base. It’s pretty bad ass. It’s literally shaped like a New York Apple and has the Mets logo dead smack on the top in the middle. The base trim is all black and the player’s name is raised letters in white which goes well against the black. All the players have the white and blue pinstripe pants with Met blue jerseys. I like this Yoenis Cespedes a lot because of the neon green sleeve he is rocking on his right arm. It’s a very attractive feature and it stands out dramatically. 




Sniper Rating: Given the fact that these are only sold in the Mets team store, and are very limited in quantity, I would suggest jumping on the set ASAP. These will soon be gone. One thing I don’t appreciate is the price of $44.99. This is price gouging to it’s finest. This retail business these days is tricky and everyone wants the extra buck. For FOCO to have this made and shipped it must have costed no more than $18.00 to make each one. I would say it would be reasonable to charge $39.99 but $44.99 is ridiculous. Then you have NY state tax which is 8.875. Luckily, I have a connection to use a 15% card that qualifies for any purchase in the team store. 

Given the uniqueness of this bobble, it’s a sure fire 9.0. The price sucks but that part of the game. If you’re in the NY area, head over to the team store, cough up some money and scoop a few of these up before you miss the bus on this set.