Bobble of the Day

Player: Willie Mays Hayes

Team: Cleveland Indians (SGA for Akron Rubberducks)

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Destroyer Promotional Products 

Fans of the movie Major League have to be so fucking stoked that the Akron Rubberducks decided to give out a Willie Mays Hayes SGA Bobblehead. The Rubberducks have given out several bobbles over the years related to the movie (Jake Taylor, Jobu). I personally like this one the best. WMH is the coolest character in my opinion from that movie. He’s energetic and loves to foul balls up to the hitting screen during BP. I also loved the part when he would hammer his black batting gloves onto his wall as a reminder of how many stolen bases he’s swiped. 

This bobble is an eye catcher for many different reasons. First, the name is highly noticeable across the front of the base. That’s what makes this bobble pop. You know who it is right off the bat. This bobble of Willie would not be allowed if he wasn’t sliding as his pose. It’s perfect. Fucking Hays just diving into second ready to pop the middle finger to the shortstop covering 2nd base. Hayes’ knees both bobble which is a huge factor why this bobble is so kick ass. The Rubberducks could have just had Willie’s neck bobble, but no. They went the extra mile and had both his knees bobble as an added effect. 

Sniper Rating: Anyone who grew up in the early 90’s that likes baseball knows that Willie Mays Hayes is the shit. Great actor, awesome movie, fresh bobble. I wish the box came colored with an actual “movie pose” of Willie sliding instead of the white standard box. Get this bobble before the price gets astronomical price! 9.0 on this one.