Bobble of the Day

Player: Von Miller

Team: Denver Broncos

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Boom! Here’s comes a brand new NFL exclusive and it’s Von Miller, who is arguably the best defensive player in the league!

Broncos fans will love this one as the bobble is gigantic! Miller sits at 12 inches tall and has a base that’s sturdier than a concrete wall. Von is in a winning pose as he’s holding his helmet as he runs off the field. The width of the base is close to one inch and has superb “white raised” letters against a navy blue backdrop.

The top of the base is flooded with detail as FOCO included the Rocky Mountains out in Denver, Colorado. The miniature mountains are ridiculously sturdy and add a shit ton of finesse to the top of the base. 




Sniper Rating: The facial features are spot on and Von’s nerdy glasses are his signature look so you know it’s him. On the Fidget Spinner is Von’s glasses with the Rocky Mountains and the Broncos logo engraved within. A very smooth spin as the triple blades have a SOLID weight to them. And once again, FOCO included a huge box that displays Miller in a black and white photo on one side and Miller’s name and number on the other. 

The bottom line is defensive players in the NFL don’t get the attention as offensive players do. This one is an exception Snipers. Bronco fan or not, you need this one. The amount of detail and the fact that it’s a foot tall, will look bad ass on your mantle for Sunday football. Head over to and make the purchase for $60.00. It’s a well worth investment and you’ll regret it when Miller retires as a top 5 defender to ever play in the NFL. This Special Edition bobble scores a stand up 10.0.