Bobble of the Day

Player: Troy Aikman

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles (Clark Toys)

Most of you young guns see Aikman on Fox as an NFL analyst, but have never actually saw him play. The dude was an absolute boss for the Cowboys who won 3 Super Bowl Championships for the Dallas faithful. In addition, he was a 6 time Pro Bowler who dominated the position of QB. 

Once again, the fellas over at Clark Toys brought the heat with this exclusive bobble. First and foremost, Troy is in his victory pose with both fists clenched as his arms are raised. The 3 Super Bowl rings surround the front of the base which are highly detailed with shiny diamonds, which is a killer feature. The base itself is a circular design with the Cowboys “Star” logo on the top of the base. I also love the fact that Clark’s designed Aikman’s name in raised navy blue letters against the front of the base. 



Sniper Rating: This bobble is hands down as detailed as they come. You can see the slightest crinkles on the bottom of the jersey that’s tucked into Aikman’s pants which means a lot of time was put into this exclusive. In addition, the facial features with Troy’s mouth and hair design are pinpoint, and look superb. 

For $39.99, this one’s a no brainer of the 3X Super Bowl Champion. Not only do Cowboy fans need to add this bobble to their collection, but all NFL fans as well. Display this proudly on Sunday’s, as this will create chatter when you have guests over to watch the game. Troy Aikman and his exclusive bobble scores a 10.0. 

P.S. This one’s limited to only #750 and they will sell out quick!