Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Blue Jay

Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

You should already know that our friends North of the border are GIGANTIC diehard Blue Jay fans. And you know what they crave even more than their team? Bobbleheads! Do a Google search of “Bobblehead lines in Toronto” and you’ll see a swarm of fans lining up to receive their bobble on a game day giveaway. I love their enthusiasm and better yet, they are enormous collectors of bobbleheads. This Blue Jays World Series Champs bobblehead has been flying off the shelves at the warehouse of the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and rightfully so. The J’s won back to back titles in 92 and 93, as those two years they had a fucking bomb squad. The Bobble Hall created a mascot champs bobble to highlight those championships, for the simple fact that “Ace the Blue Jay” is a top notch mascot in the game. He’s fun, entertaining and extremely popular. This one HAD to be in my collection for the following reasons. 

You may think the base is dull or boring, but the circular design with the Blue Jays logo is a “classic” look. The white raised letters on the front of the base blend in well with the royal blue backdrop for a eye catching appearance. The back banner which displays the years the J’s won a World Series title is built like a brick shit house as it actually curves.  An extreme amount of detail was put forth by the Bobble Hall in creating what I consider, a “Masterpiece” of a bobblehead.




Sniper Rating: The final feature that grabs my eye is Ace standing there holding up the trophies like a fucking boss. In the early 1990’s no team came close to competing with the Blue Jays and Ace knows it. The shiny trophies add ridiculous flare to the bobble and whether you’re a Jay’s fan or not, this NEEDS to be displayed for others to see. It’s time for you Snipers to add some cockiness to your collection and when your bro’s come over, you point to Ace with pride. A killer mascot and a dominant team in the early 1990’s, the Blue Jay’s were flat out a wrecking crew. Period. Head over to and score it before they sell out. The bottom line is this Blue Jays championship trophy bobble scores a sure fire 10.0 rating with hesitation.