Bobble of the Day

Manager: Tony LaRussa

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

What a legendary coach. Everyone and their mother respected Tony for so many years as a manager. This dude always had his teams ready to play but eventually it was time to hang them up.

This bobble is super cool in so many ways. It’s a classic look with a dark charcoal rim around the base with the Cardinals logo dead smack in the middle. I LOVE it that FOCO made the letters white (and raised) as it really stands out from the dark rim color. The top of the base is a standard “dirt” platform which resembles the field obviously. The pose makes this bobble to the highest heavens. Tony just standing there with hands in his pants nice and relaxed. Very classic look!



Sniper Rating: Instead of a jersey, FOCO put a dope looking Manager “jacket” on Tony which looks very sleek. This is a definite homerun bobble of one of the greatest coaches. Get this one ASAP as it’s a sure fire conversation starter amongst others! Tony and his managerial bobble scores a 9.5.