Bobble of the Day

Tommy Lasorda

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2007

Manufacturer: BD&A

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy! This Tommy Lasorda bobble depicts Tommy getting inducted in the Hall of Fame on August 3rd, 1997. This SGA was given out to the Dodger faithful back in 2007. Tommy is an All-Time Dodger manager and fans out in Cali love this fucking guy. Who wouldn’t right? 

On this one, Tommy is holding his Hall of Fame plaque proudly as it’s replicated perfect. I love the blue jacket they tossed on Tommy as his name is spread across the back and “Dodgers” on the front. The lettering on the front “Tommy Lasorda” and on the back that explains when he got inducted into the Hall is very detailed. His body type is spot on as the manufacturer made Tommy a little pudgy, which he is.

Here come the negatives. The paint on this is horrible. I’ve seen many bobbles of this exact Tommy with fucked up paint work. There are streaks on the blue hat and I have seen a ton of these with poor facial paint. There are smudges and streaks in a lot I’ve seen. They did a good job highlighting his grayish white hair but overall very bad paint work. Our little friends in China rushed through this one a bit to fast. 

Sniper Rating: I want to LOVE this bobble to the highest heavens but it’s hard to. The design, colors and the theme of him holding his HOF plaque is fresh as hell. The paint gets my blood to boil a little bit because of the streaks and spots on the hat and face. I love Tommy, I love that he’s in the Hall of Fame and I like this bobble but I don’t “Love” it. Those 9 year old’s who do the paint work over in China need some more training. A good paint job on this one gets a 9.5 but unfortunately this one is getting a 6.5. Maybe the 17 hours a day the kids are working over there in China need a day off to get some sleep!