Bobble of the Day

Player: Tim Tebow

Team: Columbia Fireflies 

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Promotional Adventures

It was only a matter of time when a Tim Tebow bobblehead surfaced since he started his baseball career. And now we have the Columbia Fireflies who jumped at the opportunity first. Tebow’s pro career as a baseball player started on April 6th with the Fireflies and he jacked a homer to left field in his first AB. 

For a first time baseball bobble of Timmy, this one is a sharp as a knife. The Fireflies have Tebow in his homerun swing stance with a dope follow through. The base is very standard with light brown dirt on top and his name is in raised white letters against a green background. 




Sniper Rating: I love the Fireflies colors as their lettering and numbers on the jersey are a neon yellow color. The reason chicks dig Tebow is the fact that he’s a ripped dude and he’s got the eye catching facial scruff on his face. The Fireflies killed it with his facial features as the 5 o’clock shadow is in full effect and it flat out just looks like Timmy. No wonder why all the girls wanna suck his dick. Well done by Promotional Adventures. Lastly, the box is unique as they get. There’s about 3 shades of blue mixed into every photo surrounding the box and has a feel-good glossy coating to it. Very good collector’s box for Timmy’s first ever baseball bobblehead. 

Overall, this one is a no brainer that NEEDS to be in your collection as EVERYONE on planet earth knows Tebow. The guy is an absolute icon in many different ways besides playing sports and his Fireflies bobble scores a 10.0.