Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Red Raider

Team: Texas Tech

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

So typically Texas Tech lies in the shadow of University of Texas being the Longhorns, for years now. Everything in Texas regarding football is always about the Longhorns. I’m here to tell you that the Red Raiders don’t fuck around and especially not when it comes to their mascot. 

Red Raider himself is a Wild West character with an oversized cowboy hat. He carries two guns which he fires into the air after Texas Tech scores. I mean, how bad ass is that, which leads us into our Bobble of the Day.

You can’t go wrong with your college mascot having two pistols by the waist ready to pop off when the Red Raiders score a TD. Detail, detail and details is what this springy bobble head is about. The base is a standard silver color mixed in with the TT Raiders logo on the springy. The pants are dark black with the two guns sitting by his waist. The head and mustache are goofy looking features but at the same time are cool as shit. It’s literally a cartoon character but as a mascot and better yet, on a bobblehead! 



Sniper Rating: I don’t have any affiliation with Texas Tech. The only time I pay any attention to them is if I’m betting on them on a Saturday. Texas Tech isn’t the reason why I added this Bobble to my collection. The detail and attractiveness is the reason I got it. It’s killer, and it just looks awesome. It’s a feel good bobblehead that if you display it correctly in your curio, heads will turn. You know when you have this in your collection that you’re no longer fucking around. I mean come on, the Red Raider pointing to the air with the gun signal isn’t hard? Two pistols on deck on the hips isn’t legit? Get this one immediately Snipers. Red Raider the mascot scores a 8.5. 

PS. The box is just plain old black with no detail so that takes away a bit of a “Wow” factor.