Bobble of the Day

Player: Ted Williams 1949 MVP

Team: Boston Red Sox

Year: 2007

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

FOCO came out with a series of Ted Williams bobbles that have various bronze bases. To collect the whole set is very difficult and super expensive. Most are numbered to 5009. I really like this one. It’s a 9″ bobble that has Teddy ball game throwing as he was the MVP of the 1949 season. The home white uniform has streaks of brown dirt on it to depict Ted playing in a game. What’s total kick ass is the bronze base with lettering on both sides. The back side has the Red Sox logo and year he won the MVP(1949). The front lettering says MVP and the year 1949 as well. My only gripe is this really doesn’t look like Ted Williams which is a shame. FOCO put so much work into this one and they can’t even get the best pure hitter in the game’s face right! 

Sniper rating: This Williams MVP bobble is cool as shit. If you have the patience I’d advise getting all 4 of them. The overall design, colors, quality and creativity of the best hitter to play baseball makes this a true collector’s item. FOCO even made the box very eye-catching with the colors, Cooperstown logo and durability. Without a doubt this Teddy Ball Game 1949 MVP bobble gets a 9.0 even though the face is off a bit. Be patient. Keep searching. Don’t spend more than $200.00 for it.