Bobble of the Day

Player: Syndergaard as “Thor” Bobblehead presented by Marvel

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: BD&A

With all the publicity this Bobblehead has gotten, I had very high expectations. Radio stations, articles and TV shows couldn’t stop talking about it. Let’s be real here for a second. The main reason this bobble got the hype that it did was because Marvel was involved. If you don’t know, Marvel’s branding began in 1961, the year that the company launched The Fantastic Four and other superhero titles created by Stan Lee. Marvel has among its characters such well-known superheroes as Spider Man Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Deadpool, Wolverine and Daredevil. So basically, Marvel is “Comic Book” heaven and they have a GIGANTIC following. All those super hero and comic book buffs knew about this game month’s ago. As my bloodbath blog earlier states, there were a TON of Comic Book fans at Citi Field. In addition and to my recollection, this is the first MLB sponsored bobblehead that Marvel has been involved with.

So let’s get to the bobble. The first thing I saw that I instantly loved was the box. After waiting in the sun drenched line for hours, it was a calm feeling when the girl handed me the bobblehead. The front of the box has Syndergaard in a throwing motion with white lighting bolts in the background. On another side it has the words “Syndergaard as Thor Bobblehead”. On the flip side, is Marvel directing you to redeem a digital code to use their app on your smart phone. I highly doubt people even attempted to follow the directions as no one cared. And on the back side is the Mets logo with white lighting bolts streaking through. The fact that the entire box has a baby blue color makes it stand out dramatically and that’s what I like the most. The inner clear shell case is very snug and there’s absolutely no wiggle room which keeps the bobble nice and tight.

Next, I’ll answer the question everyone has been wondering. Yes, the bottom of the hammer does look like a cock. The tip of it looks very like the head of a boner. Beyond that, there’s a leash that is stuck to the side of Thor’s knee. So, all forms of social media and news stations were correct. We have a boner attached to our bobblehead. I actually don’t know of a better way to design it to be honest. Maybe just have the leash at the bottom with no penis head? We all live in a perverted world so I guess this is acceptable. When have you ever owned a bobblehead with a penis attached?

So the bobble itself looks pretty much like it does on the box. His throwing motion to deliver a pitch is accurate. The silver wings on the side of his head looks cool and the orange cape hanging off his shoulders is a awesome feature. One thing I did notice is on the box, Thor has a brown glove and on the bobble he has a black glove. I reviewed some Youtube videos and almost all of them he’s not pitching with a black glove. He tends to use a darkish brown colored glove. So that feature stood out to me.

Now for the complaints. BD&A did a half ass paint job. Yup, they did. I saw a lot of collector’s on Facebook groups bitch and moan that there were paint smudges and extra globs of glue around the bobble. They are correct. Out of the 14 I got, I would say at least 3-4 have horrible paint jobs. Specifically, on his pants and jersey, there are blue streaks all out of place and smudges of orange spots. On another one of mine, there is huge glob of glue near his neck which means our friends in China were impatient and didn’t wait for the glue to dry. For a bobble like this BD&A should have seen this coming and put a stop to it immediately. A lot of fans only received one and if they got one with smudges and globs of glue, I would be pissed. I know I say all the time to embrace the imperfections but this is ridiculous for a bobblehead of this hype.

Another aspect of this bobble I do not like is Noah Syndergaard’s name on the front of the base. Around the perimeter is a Met blue color and his name is in white and orange. As you can see, the lettering of orange and white are completely smudged together. Hence, it looks SLOPPY. It looks cheap and thrown together very quickly. Very disappointing to say the least. I will say that ALL letters on the bobblehead are “Raised”. Thor’s name, Mets on the front jersey, his number #34 on the back of the cape, the NY on his helmet and the sponsor Delta on the back. That was a good thing they did.

Here’s a question for you Snipers. Why is Delta sponsoring this? On the side of the box is reads, “Presented by Delta”. On the back of the base it says, “Delta”. Why are they sponsoring this? Why not leave it to Marvel? By having Delta’s name all over this collectible, is it going to make you want to fly Delta more? Don’t most people choose any airline that’s the cheapest and most cost effective? Makes no sense. Back off Delta.





Sniper Rating: Overall, I like it. I don’t love it, but I like it. Is it a “Bobblehead of the Year?”  Not really. Is it very cool to have and tough to get? Yes. Is it made of great quality and an overall perfect bobblehead? No. I still think every bobblehead collector should score this somehow, but by no means is this the best bobblehead I’ve ever seen. By the way, I would have thought Noah’s face would look more like him in real life. He looks like a 7 year old kid waiting to get handed an ice cream cone. I would have liked a “bad ass” stare or something of that nature.

As you know, this one was a tough one to get. Obviously, it will become very rare by Christmas time and the hype was over exaggerated in my opinion. I’ve never analyzed a bobblehead like this before and I hope to never do it again. The whole experience was exhausting but I’m glad I went.

Syndergaard as “Thor” presented by Marvel and Delta Airlines(hehe) scores a 8.5.