Bobble of the Day

Author: Stephen King

Team: Lowell Spinners

Year: 2004

Manufacturer: Associated Premium Cooperation

Stephen friggin King man. THE MONSTER OF HORROR! I’ll be the first to admit that I have never read any of King’s books, but from what I’ve heard they are ridiculously spooky. For those that don’t know, Stephen King is an all time best selling author. He writes horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. He’s co-directed several movies and he’s known to write the creepiest, scariest books on this side of the Earth. He’s from Portland Maine, and a huge Red Sox fan and the Lowell Spinners did a bobble giveaway of him back in 2004. 

Considering Stephen King has fans all over the world, this bobblehead is a crazy collector’s item as the demand for this one is huge. He’s standing on 3 of his famous books that include,

The Dead Zone

The Green Mile

The Dark Tower

As you can see the base is made up of 3 of King’s best selling books and it’s extremely unique. He’s holding a bat and wearing his Red Sox jersey as a diehard fan. The facial features look EXACTLY like King and the letters of his name on the back are raised and not half assed. Stephen is known for his dark black glasses and this is what he is wearing on this bobble. Of course he’s wearing a Spinners hat as they are the one’s who did the giveaway.



Sniper Rating: If you’re a book reader or King fan, this has to be in your collection. Even if you don’t collect bobbleheads this STILL needs to be on your bookshelf. My only knock on this bobble is the sponsor emblems, as they take away a little from the excellent features of the bobble itself. Tyco Electronics? Merrimack Valley Credit Union? Eh, they’d be better off with no sponsors for a high caliber bobble like this. Creepy, spooky Stephen King and his 3 book base scores a 8.5.