Bobble of the Day

Player: Stephen Curry

Team: Golden State Warriors

Year: 2013

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Steph Curry wit the shot boy! There are Steph bobbles flying out all over the place since he won his first ring 2 years ago. I feel like the market is over saturating Curry bobbles because he’s the best player in the land. Although, this Curry that came out in 2013 is unique beyond belief. It’s Steph’s signature pose with him yelling after the Warriors win or he hits a motherfucking game winner. The base has the Golden State logo with Steph’s number and of course his name on the front has nice raised letters. His facial features are pretty accurate and his arms looked jacked, even though he really isn’t. 


img_2508  img_2509

img_2511  img_2512

Sniper Rating: This one is very hard to come by as there’s only one available on Ebay and it’s going for big bucks. I consider this Curry a one of a kind because of the rarity of it and this one was created before all of the other nonsense ones came out. Given how sturdy and durable it is, awesome colors and a signature pose of a greta players, Mr. Chef Curry scores a solid 9.5.