Bobble of the Day

Player: Stephen Curry

Team: Golden State Warriors

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Ever since the Warriors got Steph and they started to shatter records, there’s been a huge overkill of Curry bobbles. When they won the title, FOCO produced a shit ton of them and many other exclusives were made. You know my opinion regarding overkilled bobbles, but I truly feel this one is warranted. 73 wins in one single NBA season? That’s a gigantic accomplishment and that’s why a 73 win season bobble was needed. 

This is a pretty basic pose bobble as Steph is standing on a colorful square base which reads, “73 Gold Standard”. The bright yellow and royal blue colors really pop and Steph’s name is of raised letters on the front in yellow. The shorts to me look a tad bit short and reminds me of the John Stockton days. The t-shirt that reads, “73 Wins-The Gold Standard” is fresh as hell. 



Sniper Rating: I dig the fact that Steph’s holding the ball as it’s a classic look for a bobblehead of this caliber. No complaints with the face or hair as it looks just like him. Several players were made in this series which include, Klay, Green, and Igudola if I’m not mistaken. I only purchased a case of Curry’s because they will only go up in value. Without a doubt Chef Curry and the 73 Wins bobble scores a solid 8.0 rating.