Bobble of the Day

Theme: Star Wars “Revenge of the Fish”

Team: Altoona Curve

Year: 2017


So here we have a new Star Wars bobblehead that was given away a few weeks ago by the Altoona Curve. I have absolutely no idea what this bobblehead is about regarding the “Revenge of the Fish”. I’m assuming it has something to do with a Star Wars movie but I’m not sure. I don’t even really care but it is a cool bobble.

The base is all green and “Revenge of the Fish” is highlighted in white raised letters against the front of the base. The fish is in a Jedi stance ready to swing his red light saber. The black cloak that is around him is complemented with red shoes, bright yellow hands and a red undershirt. 



Sniper Rating: The head is kind of weird as his eyes are on the sides of his head like a fish and it resembles a big ole round ball. For those who can’t see it, this bobble doesn’t bobble from the head. It’s a body bobble in which the spring is in his waist. 

For some reason collector’s are paying big bucks for this one as it’s price range has gone well over $100.00 on ebay. Given the fact that I don’t know shit about this one and at the same time it’s different, the Fish scores a 7.0. If any of you Snipers know more about this bobble please let me know.