Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Slugger

Team: Kansas City Royals

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Sluggggggggggger….. What a bad ass mascot huh? A fucking lion! The Royals struck gold in 2015 when they won the World Series and Slugger was behind the whole magic. 

I love the bright yellow lion’s head and the fact that it features a thick brown beard. The uniform is the standard gray colors outlined with royal blue. On this one, Slugger is not wearing cleats but he’s wearing these funky turf shoes which I kind of dig. The base is quite different as it’s not square, circular or rectangle. It’s like a polygon or some shit, but either way I like it. The lettering on top of the base and front are all STICKERS. STICKERS I said. FOCO, you cannot do this to monumental bobbleheads. You wanna do stickers for generic bobbles or a regular season series limited to 2017 or something fine, but don’t do it on a World Series bobble for Christ’s sake. Who knew the Royals would win the title? Who knows when they will ever win one again? Don’t do it on meaningful bobbles that collector’s and fans look forward to. It’s a cheap look and remain a company that doesn’t cut corners. PLEASE!



Sniper Rating: The Slugger mascot is cool as hell and regardless of the mess with the stickers, this somehow belongs in your collection. Past Slugger mascot bobbles go for big bucks on the bay and this one will be right there in a few years regardless of the stickers. Slugger receives a 8.5 rating and FOCO scores a -7 on this one.