Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Slider

Team: Cleveland Indians

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

FOCO comes out with their basic generic player and mascot bobbles each year that are numbered to whatever year it is. They are typically sold at every stadium and are easy to find. Some years I like them and some years they are just eh. This year, FOCO designed their 2017 “Headline” series like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen several photo’s of their players and mascots and I looooooooooove them. I decided to do a blog on “Slider” as I know there’s many Indian fans and Cleveland Snipers. 

First and foremost, FOCO changed the base dramatically. The new geometrical shape is a longer oval design with an indented insert on the sides. I love it, as it makes the name of the player or mascot lettering that much more visible. The top of the base has a “Headline” newspaper design which is flashy as hell.



Sniper Rating: Thankfully, FOCO changes the stance of each player/mascot every year. This Slider is all decked out with the red shoes on, all pink fur and the Cleveland hat sits comfortably on top of Slider’s blond hair. No doubt this “Headline” bobble is 100% worth the $30.00 price tag at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame. Sneak over to their website and score this for an early Christmas gift for your diehard Indian fan!

2017 MLB Headline Bobbleheads