Bobble of the Day

Player: Rollie Fingers

Team: Oakland Athletics

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

A lot of you young Snipers never saw Rollie pitch but you know him by his waxed handlebar mustache. The guy is a fucking legend and I actually met him when I went to Cooperstown a few years ago and he’s the man.  Just like the Johnny Bench “Legends” bobble, FOCO released a few more and this Rollie is one that is a “must have”. 

The A’s colors of yellow and green are one of the best if not, the best colors in all Major League baseball. Rollie is in his signature pose ready to hurl a tight knee-bending slider. Just like the Bench bobble from this series, there’s a photo of Rollie dead smack on the top of the base, which is an eye-popping feature. The yellow socks with the green stirrups reminds me of the old school baseball uni’s and I wish more players would rock, these days.



Sniper Rating: The handlebar mustache along with the black wavy hair on Rollie really signifies how bad ass this bobble is. Again, just like the Bench one, the box is absolutely flooded with photo’s and bright colors. Very good job by FOCO designing the box that holds our collectible. 

I love this Rollie Fingers bobblehead from head to toe but I would have liked to have seen raised letters for Rollie’s name. If they were raised, this would be a stand up 10.0 bobble rating for your collection. Since it’s just a sticker label, the point system drops a tad and Rollie’s handlebar mustache bobbles receives a 8.5. Click the link below for the best price and the overall best customer service. The Bobble Head Hall of Fame is a company who you always can count on. 

MLB Legends Series Bobbleheads

P.S. I wasn’t even born when Rollie was so dominate but here’s a clip of his dope swag he brought to the hill each and every game.