Bobble of the Day

Player: Roger Dorn

Team: Gateway Grizzlies 

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: AGP

I’ve literally been waiting for any baseball team to come out with a Dorn bobblehead. He might be my favorite character from the movie Major League. Roger Dorn sucks ass at 3rd baseball and is afraid of the ball. After countless reps of taking ground balls at 3rd, he finally gets pissed off and puts his arms in the air saying,”What the fuck, c’mon!” 

This is the exact pose from Dorn in the movie. AGP did a very good job on this one. He’s on his knees with the arms in the air as he’s frustrated as hell. The balls that have hit him all over the place are lying right on the ground next to him. The letters are raised on the front of the base and are very visible. He’s rocking the Indians jersey and hat and has his name and number on the back of the jersey. 



Sniper Rating: A very tough and expensive bobble to get, but this one belongs in your collection Snipers. I wish there was some brown dirt near his knees instead of just green grass. Lastly, I would have liked if the Gateway Grizzlies made the box with color and some cool photos. Instead, they decided to save a few bucks and gave fans a standard white box. It doesn’t take the popularity of the bobble down, but it is a small factor. 

Roger Dorn and his inability to field a ground ball at 3rd base bobble scores a 8.5.