Bobble of the Day

Player: Robin Yount

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Year: 2006

Manufacturer: BD&A

Here we have a Robin Yount 2006 SGA given out to Brewer nation almost 10 years ago. If you’re looking for a bobble to add some “pop” to your collection, this is the one. Never mind being a stud player for the Brewers for a shit ton of years, this bobble is crazy unique. BD&A created this one with Robin in a powder blue retro uniform and it screams detail. His face is very realistic and his mustache and hair is precise. I love the yellow section on the front of the hat and the Brewer logo is embedded in the hat and not just a sticker. Actually, all the lettering from his name, Pepsi sponsor and number on the back of his jersey is hand done. The powder blue uni adds crazy color and I dig the orange base he’s standing on as it offsets the variety of colors. BD&A didn’t have to put the bats crossing on top the base, but they did. They nailed it. Well done.


img_1158 img_1159

Sniper Rating: A lot of collectors and fans across baseball outside of Milwaukee did not get the chance to see Robin play every day, but they should have. He’s an absolute legend in Brewer nation and rightfully so. You can score this 06 SGA on Ebay for under $15.00 and it needs to be in your collection. In one of my curio’s I have this placed right in front where it should be.  Given the detail, the multiple colors, embedded lettering and bats crossing on the front, there’s no reason to think this bobble doesn’t deserve a 9.0 rating.