Bobble of the Day

Player: Retro Boy Face

Team: Golden State Warriors 

Year: 2013

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So FOCO came out with these “Retro” bobbles some time ago. They pretty much resemble a standard chubby body shape with a “boyish” type of face. Some may think this series is super creepy, which at first I thought they were, but they’ve grown on me. For some reason, collectors go nuts for these things. I know a guy that has over 400 of these both baseball and basketball ones.

Anywho, this Warriors one is pretty dope. I love the headband that he’s rocking first and foremost. As stated above, he has a standard “chubby” body type with the Warriors jersey and shorts on. FOCO once again when cheap O and the Warriors sticker on the front top the base but what else can we do right? The little guy holding the rock is another cool feature that makes this bobble pop a little more.



Sniper Rating: Overall, this is a nice looking bobble. This particular one is a few years older than the new modern ones which makes it harder to find and much more expensive. Given the amount of Curry and all Warrior player bobbles coming out recently, this retro one would be a finishing touch to a full collection. I highly advise any Warrior fan to scoop this one up. Retro Boy Face scores a deserving 8.5 rating.