Bobble of the Day 

Player: Reggie Jackson

Team: Oakland Athletics 

Year: 2103 SGA 

Manufacturer: BD&A

I love this Reggie for mainly one reason only. The colors. They pop. They are bright. They are attractive to the eye. It stands out. I feel like if you are a legit collector and you don’t have this one you may be an asshole. I don’t even care if you’re a Reggie Jackson fan or not. BD&A dropped the hammer on this one. The structure is solid, the colors are bright, the Reggie Homerun swing stance is on point and the sunglasses he’s rocking are really hard. Never mind the Pepsi sponsor emblem in front looks dope as hell. 


Sniper rating: This is one of my favorite SGA’s. It’s quite expensive on eBay but it’s a must have.  I forgot to mention that this particular Bobble commemorates the A’s winning the 1973 World Series as the 73 number is placed on the back base of the Bobble. Very unique and cool. The only negative I have on this one is the spring is very tight and does not have the best “bobble” effect. Overall, this one is a solid 9.5. Make sure you add this to your collection.