Bobble of the Day

Mascot: #3 Racing Italian Sausage 

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Year: 2005

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Unless you live under a huge rock, you should know the Brewers have their whole line of Racing Sausages. They came out with a line of 5 Mascots back in 2005. The entire set is a bitch to find, especially in their original boxes. Today we’re going to highlight #3 Racing Italian as I like this one the best.

First thing is first, I don’t like professional teams that have a million mascots. One or two is cool, but this whole line of mascots that the Brewers have is overkill. Granted, I like this one in particular because of the outfit. I dig the chef hat along with the black bow tie. It’s sleek and with the number #3 so big it stands out. The white overcoat makes the entire bobble pop. The base is considering a “stadium base” which is fresh. The letters of “Racing Italian” are on each front side of the base and I’m happy they are raised. If it was a sticker it would take a lot of character out from the bobble. 



Sniper Rating: The facial features are a little goofy with the mustache and eyebrows but it’s kinda cool to have. I’m not a huge fan of the whole line of mascots Milwaukee has but this one is my favorite. Good luck collecting them all as it will take a long time and will run you a lot of money. I would say pass on the whole set unless your a Brewer diehard. For the time being, Racing Italian scores a respectable 8.0.