Bobble of the Day

Player: Pete Rose

Team: Cincinnati Reds

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Production

Listen, there’s a million Pete Rose bobbleheads out there and I think every single one should belong in your collection. His time after baseball is so controversial, it just makes him more of an attractive player to collect as far as bobbleheads go. This one that the Reds gave out is nothing short of great. Rose is commemorated by being inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame. 

Mr. Rose is in his signature hitting stance which led him to over 4,000 collective hits. The base has his name in raised white letters against a red backdrop. On top of the base is a bronze colored finish and has “Reds Hall of Fame” inscribed in raised letters which adds a piss load of character. The old school Reds uni is flaunted by Pete in every way possible and I’m digging the facial features as it looks just like the Hit King.



Sniper Rating: The box is flooded with bright colors, has the glossy finish and has a few paragraphs written about his career. A well deserved accomplishment as you know I feel he belongs in Cooperstown. I personally own just about every Rose bobblehead and this one just adds to it. The Hit King and his Reds HOF bobble scores a 8.0.