Bobble of the Day

Player: Pedro Cerrano

Team: Akron Rubberducks

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Destroyer Promotional Products 

Probably the 2nd best baseball movie of all time is “Major League” and only behind Field of Dreams. Many fans of the movie will talk about Ricky Vaughn, Roger Dorn and Jake Taylor. Let me tell you something, Pedro Cerrano makes this movie complete. The guy can’t hit a curve ball for his life, he prays to Jobu and he drinks the hard alcohol. What else do you want out of a main character?

The Akron Rubberducks have been bringing the heat with their bobbleheads the past several years thanks to Destroyer Promotional Products. Between the Rubberducks coming up with creative ideas with new characters each year, to Destroyer PP making an attractive, yet sturdy bobblehead. Everything from movies like The Goonies, Happy Gilmore and Major League. Their bobbleheads are made of high quality and have tremendous detail. 

This Pedro Cerrano bobble is a must have in your collection. His stance is pretty basic but what makes this one special is the stare Pedro is giving the pitcher. Just like in the movie, He waits for the perfect pitch and hits a moonshot! The Indians lettering and number on the front of the jersey is raised letters which is always good and his name Cerrano is raised on the back of his jersey. The facial features of Pedro are on point and his helmet fits nice and snug. 




Sniper Rating: The Rubberducks continue to use the same “homeplate” base on their bobbleheads and I LOVE it. It represents baseball and anything else would look odd. The Rubberducks emblem on the front creates a unique feature as I dig their logo. The team has a catchy name and their logo is even better. When you have a Rubberducks bobblehead in hand you can’t go wrong. A legit collector’s item and they will only get more and more creative over time. My only knock is I wish they would come with a colored, detailed box with photo’s of the Rubberducks logo, a schedule on the side and a picture of Pedro Cerrano right on the front. Now, that would look bad ass. In the grand scheme of things I won’t complain. Overall, the Rubberducks nailed this one and Pedro Cerrano scores a 9.5.