Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Paws

Team: Detroit Tigers

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Paws has to be the most underrated mascot in the big leagues. Hands down. I swear, if the Detroit Tigers were a dominant team in the bigs year in and year out, Paws would get more recognition. What’s not to like? Paws is a furry Tiger with black and orange strips.

This particular one was in a series in which the Tiger ran the Bobble of the Month program back in 2014. Paws sitting in his chair with a desk represents the September “Bobble of the Month”, hence students going back to school. This 9 inch bobble is absolutely flooded with detail. The gold base is sharp as fuck with Paws written in navy blue color and it’s raised. Lying on the desk, are a few books, am apple with a green bobble worm coming out. How dope is that? Paws has a jersey and tie on as he’s gotta look sharp for the first day of school. Hs right arm bobbles as is displays him writing with a pencil. 




Sniper Rating: The chalkboard on the back is the added finish to an overall well made bobble. These flew off the shelves in the stadium team store and deservingly so. This may be one of the most detailed mascot bobbles I’ve come across in a log ass time. It’s sturdy and very heavy. Without a doubt, “Paws” the student mascot scores a 10.0 rating.