Bobble of the Day

Player: Ozzie Smith

Team: St. Louis Cardinals (SGA)

Year: 2013

Manufacturer: Kloanz Inc. 

The Wizzard! Anyone who’s not a fan of Ozzie can choke on a dick. One of the best short stops to ever play the position and probably the nicest guy in the world. The smile, the smoothness at short and the nickname “The Wizzard” can’t get any better! I used to love watching this dude do his flips on his way to his position to play the field. 

So the Cardinals came out with this gem back in 2013 and they decided to highlight his 13 Gold Gloves as the theme. Great freaking idea Cards! I’ve never seen a bobble with gold gloves stacked up as Ozzie’s resting his arm on it. Whoever manufactured this one (Kloanz Inc.) did a hell of a job. Every Gold Glove he won has the year printed on the side of each glove. 13 in all. From 1980 to 1992 Ozzie won the Gold Glove award which is unreal. 

Ozzie is wearing his powder blue jersey with a red hat and matching red cleats. The back of his jersey has his name that is raised lettering but the Cardinals logo on the front is just a sticker grrrrrrr. The base is just okay with a simple black color. I tend to enjoy sponsor emblem’s on my bobbles but this sponsor on the base is an eye sore. I think it’s supposed to be a white baseball base but the sponsor ” Ameren Missouri” is plastered on there which looks stupid. If it was put on the back I’d be okay with it but I know how marketing goes so I can’t complain to much.


img_1162 img_1163

Sniper Rating: Great player, great team and fresh as hell bobble. I love the Gold Gloves stacked up with each year on the side, the powder blue uni and Ozzie’s face resembles him very well. I don’t like where they put the sponsor emblem but it doesn’t ruin the bobble. I’ve never heard of Kloanz Inc. but they did well on this one. Good quality bobblehead for a deserving player. Ozzie and his Gold Gloves score a 7.5.