Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Oriole Bird (Umpire)

Team: Baltimore Orioles

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Everyone who is a fan of baseball loves mascots. If you’ve seen the Oriole Bird you know he’s the real deal. Now, most people don’t really like MLB umpires as The Bird is all suited up in official umpire gear. There are very few umpire bobbleheads that exist and here is one of them.

The base is very sharp looking and sturdy as it’s in the shape of the Oriole logo. Umpire Bird is written in raised black letters and mixes in well color wise with his cleats and undershirt. 

The Bird is completely decked out head to toe with umpire flashy gear. The pants with the side pocket where blue keeps his brush to wipe off home plate and his balls and strikes clicker. The light blue shirt with the MLB logo is as legit as it gets. The lightish blue colored shirt really makes this unique bobble stand out.



Sniper Rating: What a lot of people don’t realize with this bobble is the Bird is giving the safe sign at home plate. He’s holding has face mask as he took it off to make the call at the plate. Both arms bobble along with the head which makes this one very special. As stated earlier, there are not to many umpire bobbles that were ever made. This one takes the cake and is a sure fire 9.0.