Bobble the Day

One-Eyed Willie (Goonies)

Team: Potomac Nationals 

Year: 2015 SGA

Manufacturer: Success Promotions 

ALL TIME CLASSIC movie right here Snipers. Back in 1985 The Goonies was a hit movie and still is today. Every time it’s on TBS or TNT I watch it. It brings back memories and the cast is fucking unreal. There are so many good parts to this movie I don’t feel like listing them all because I can go on forever. The overall goal is to find One-Eyed Willie’s secret stash of gold and the Goonies found it. The entire movie leads up to One-Eyed. Once the camera pans over to him your heart stops because “There he is”. Fucking Willie. Big ole patch covering his eye, old pirate washed up outfit, skeleton head and the shit ton of jewels and gold surround him. 

The Potomac Nationals went the distance on this one. A fantastic themed bobblehead that a fuck load of fans came out for in 2015. The detail is incredible as he looks just like the character himself. He’s missing half of his left leg, he’s rocking the pirate hat and just a big fat pot of gold sits right beneath him. I’ve seen tons of bobbleheads in my day but I’ve never seen an actual skeleton face created this perfect. The colors are rugged and the fine details within his jaw line, wrinkles on his hat and the gold coins stacked up high is phenomenal. 

Sniper Rating: I grew up in the 80’s so I know this movie very well. I skipped so many homework assignments after school just to come home and watch this movie. Not one part is dull and the whole plot kicks major ass. Given the movie is a classic, the overall detail and colors on Willie stand out and the box itself is attractive, this bobble is a sure fire 10.0 with no complaints whatsoever. There’s a few on Ebay for under $50.00 so I’d jump on one if you don’t already have it.