Bobble of the Day

Player: Odell Beckham Jr. (The Catch)

Team: New York Giants 

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Whether you like Beckham or not, he’s the best wideout in the NFL (Antonio Brown a close 2nd). Is Odell a cray baby? Yes. Is Odell a whining little bitch who craves attention? Yes. Is he only 23 and is still considered a “kid” which may give him a free pass for all of the dramatic antics he pulls? Yes. When push comes to shove, any fan of any team would love to have this stud line up every Sunday. Putting all the dramatics aside, let’s move on to the bobble.

Everyone is aware of “The Catch” that ODB made in the end zone versus the Cowboys on November 23rd, 2014. It was a historic moment in the NFL because so many younger players have been inspired by him and nearly every young WR tries to duplicate Beckham. 

Luckily for us, Forever Collectibles came out with a bobble duplicating ODB’s catch and it’s pretty bad ass. 

The initial appearance of this one has Beckham laying out, ready to fall down and catching the pigskin with one hand. The go-tee and hair look very similar to Odell. The uniform is pretty basic as the navy blue Gmen jersey with the blue and red stripe down the pant leg. I love how they put the blue gloves on him as he was actually wearing them when he made the catch. The base has a bronze tint to it which I dig. It’s different. It’s not you typical white or black colored base. The design is also a nice feature as it’s got a different geometric shape to it. FOCO made the 2015 series having a “springy” to them and I like it on this Beckham one. It’s glued into the base very sturdy and bobbles around very nicely. My only gripe about this one is the fact that the name  “Odell Beckham Jr” on the from top the base is the same color of the base. Why? Why not make it a different color so it stands out? It blends in perfectly and you can barely see it! It’s nonsense if you ask me.


img_2379  img_2378

Sniper Rating: Overall, this is a dope bobble to have in your collection. Any age and any fan of any team has definitely seen this catch by Odell. I don’t care if your 97 or 6 years old, you’ve seen this catch. It’s a monumental moment not only in Gmen history but in NFL history. This needs to be in your Curio and right up front. It’s a conversation starter and you’ll have your friends very jealous. 

Odell and “The Catch” gets a 8.5. 

The NFL has blocked usage of the video. Click on the play button then “Watch on Youtube.”