Bobble of the Day 

Player: Nolan Ryan

Team: Round Rock Express

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Associated Premium Corporation

So the Round Rock Express came out with this beauty on May 5th. I have many Ryan bobbles in my collection and this one is definitely within the top 3. What’s better than to highlight Nolan than his 4th No Hitter bobblehead?

As you can see all lettering is raised and the colors are bright. The base is a medium brown color with white raised letters which looks badass within the backdrop. Nolan’s got his red cleats and sox to match the Angles colors within his jersey. He’s palming 4 baseball to show he’s a fucking boss by throwing his 4th No No. I like the fact that the manufacturer did not put a ball cap on Nolan as his hair combed has a “classic” look to it.



Sniper Rating: One thing that that was not mentioned the far in this review is the sponsor. WHATABURGER. I dig the sponsor sign right in front because it just flat out looks cool. Who doesn’t like the name WHATABURGER? Better yet, who doesn’t like a fucking burger? I’m also feeling the orange/redish color of the sign as it stands out and brings the attention of the eye right to it. Without a doubt this Nolan Ryan SGA NEEDS to be in your collection. Killer bobble, killer theme(4th No Hitter) and a KILLER sponsor emblem. A sure fire 9.0. A full point taken off due to the box being a boring, standard white color. Round Rock, put the extra money into making a colored box with various features will ya?