Bobble of the Day

Player: Nolan Ryan

Team: Corpus Christi Hooks 

Year: Unknown

Manufacturer: RMCG (Worldwide Global Sourcing Company)

So I added this sweet Nolan Ryan a few weeks ago to my collection. You rarely find baseball bobbleheads of an actual player standing at the podium giving his induction speech at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 

A lot you millennials never got a chance to watch Ryan pitch. The guy was an absolute beast and seemed to never have a tired arm. I love the Hall of Fame sticker on front of the podium. Nolan is decked out in a suit and tie looking sharp as fuck. The entire base is a brown color with Nolan’s name in raised white letters. 



Sniper Rating: The Corpus Christi Hooks upper management did one hell of a job with this one. Creativity at it’s finest. The box is also super bad ass, as it’s got nice photo’s of the Hall of Famer and direct phrases that Nolan said at his induction ceremony. Given the fact that this is a one of a kind SGA, I’d rate Nolan Ryan’s induction Cooperstown Hall of Fall speech bobble a 9.5.