Bobble of the Day

Player: Noah Syndergaard

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So here’s the famous Syndergaard 2 Homerun game bobblehead that many collectors have been waiting for. Noah seems to obviously a fan favorite amongst Mets fan but a lot of Marvel fans love him to. Why wouldn’t they right? He’s got the “Thor” looking hair thats blonde, he’s a big dude size wise, he throws 101 on the gun and he hits fucking bombs. 

So Thor hit 2 homers versus the Dodgers on May 5th 2016 at Dodgers stadium. We all know how rare it is to hit just one bomb for a pitcher per year, never mind 2 jacks in one game. I’m glad FOCO decided to highlight this accomplishment as it 100% deserves it. 

This bobble has more detail than a 2017 Red Ferrari. It’s insane. Let’s start off with the box. Just like Bartolo Colon’s “Bobble Belly” the box is huge and has photo’s of Thor on 2 sides. The box has 2 velcro stripes that leads to a see through window of the bobble which is a dope feature. The Mets logo is dead smack on top of the box and overall has excellent color. 

The base is designed in a “Newspaper” format which has a fresh looking photo of Thor following through on a homerun swing. The top left side of the base reads,” Syndergaard Thunders 2 Homeruns in 1 Game. FOCO has been using the Newspaper design for their bases for a few years now and I don’t think they should stop, especially when it comes to exclusives. 

Next, Thor’s stance is beast mode as he’s following through on one of his homers that game versus the Dodgers. I love the Thor hammer with the Mets logo and the orange cape laying loose down his back. It gives off a Marvel Comic feel and definitely gets collector’s very excited. He’s gotta be wearing his helmet as this is not a pitching bobblehead as it’s a batting bobble. The two white wings on each side of the helmet that bobble, brings a shit ton of character to this item. Lastly, FOCO nailed it with the long blond hair coming out of the back off his dome. Very authentic and natural look.

The backing which is the Mets logo completes this bobblehead. My only knock is some of the corners of the circular logo is peeling or chipped off. 




Sniper Rating: This one of Thor is a must have and in addition, it stands at a enormous 12 inches. It may be difficult to sneak into your Curio Cabinet so let’s just hope every exclusive is not this big. Every once in awhile a 12 incher is warranted, but not for every exclusive. The bigger sized bobble also brings a hefty price tag as this one sits at $59.99. Its a steep price but one that must be obtained to add to your collection. Overall, FOCO nailed this one out of the park and Thor and his monstrous 2 Homerun game scores a 10.0.