Bobble of the Day

Player: Noah Syndergaard (Caricature Version)

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Let me first off say that once I saw FOCO come out with these “Caricature” bobbles, I laughed. I know companies have to change things up as far as designs and what not, but these are quite different in the bobblehead world. Each player has a cartoonish design to them whether it’s a fat head, huge muscles, or gigantic biceps. I decided to purchase one that would be the most unique and it’s of yours truly, Syndergaard.

The base is very thick and has very wide raised letters. FOCO is listening to me because more and more bobbles produced by them come with “raised” letters. I dig the design of the base as it’s the shape of a mini baseball field with outfield grass, infield dirt and the bases. The actual size of the bobble is not as tall but is very wide. It’s a good sized bobble and not a mini by any stretch.



Sniper Rating: So Thor has a elongated face with a huge jaw and a very straight flat ball cap on. I love that he’s holding the hammer to represent that he’s Thor. The wings on top of the hat looks killer and the fact that they are orange pays tribute to the Mets colors. What really makes this bobblehead pop is the long, thick blondish, flowing hair. It’s super long to exaggerate Noah’s hair design. Overall, to collect the entire set is next to impossible unless you have a quick $1,000 to spare. I got this Syndergaard one and I’m happy with it. The box design is kick ass, as it’s flooded with the actual “Caricature” photo of the bobblehead and on the back displays his jersey with name. The pinstripe design with the main color being white is a fresh new look from FOCO. I’m very pleased with this new product from FOCO as they definitely put some thought and creativity into it. Noah Syndergaard and his “Caricature” bobble scores a 9.5.