Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Mr. Met

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2008

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

There’s so many Mr. Met bobbleheads out there that it’s extremely hard to collect them all. Between SGA’s and retail one’s to obtain all of them is quite difficult. This one in particular I like a lot. Mr. Met himself has his standard pose of holding his arms out but the base is what makes this bobble so special.

The lower perimeter of the base is Met orange with a blue background. Of course, Mr. Met’s name is raised letters and it pops. The base theme on top is considered “On Field” as the Mets logo is raised up on the right side as a platform. He’s standing on another Mets logo and overall the detail is very precise. 



Sniper Rating: This one is not flashy by any means but it’s unique in it’s own way. A very tough find to track down on the open market and if you do happen to score it, it’s gonna run you well over $100.00. A must have for a Mets collector but not so much if you’re not a Mets fan. Given the uniqueness and rarity, Mr. Met “On Field” 2008 bobble scores a 7.5.