Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Mr. Met

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2107

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Just like the Syndergaard and Cespedes, the Mets team store finally came out with a Mr. Met. Christ, Mr. Met is the only one on the team performing these days. 

This is definitely in my top 5 Mr. Met bobbles I have in my collection. The base is so New York with the famous Mets apple. Along with the base shaped like an apple, there’s a nice back trim around the perimeter with raised white letters. The letters stand out that “much” more being white.

Mr. Met is just standing there celebrating a rare Mets win. He’s rocking the blue jersey which I dig. 




Sniper Rating: This team store exclusive is very limited in quality, so if your a diehard Mets fan, sneak over to the team store and scoop one up. If not, your gonna pay big bucks for it on Ebay eventually. My biggest gripe is the price as it’s a little over $50.00 after taxes. Team stores always jack up prices and have no loyalty to fans. The last time I was at Citi Field, they had a good number of these avaliable and I wonder why. Stop price gouging to your fans who pay good money to see a shit team play!

Anywho, when you get your mitts on this one, you won’t be disappointed. 

Mr. Met exclusive receives a 9.5.