Bobble of the Day

Player: Mookie Betts

Team: Boston Red Sox

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Here we go again with another standout Exclusive bobblehead from FOCO. This Mookie Betts takes the cake in the world of defensive bobbleheads. Mookie is known for not only his offense but his killer defense in right field. FOCO decided to highlight his defensive skills as Mookie is literally coming out making a sliding grab.

The most attractive feature is the fact that Mookie is diving right at you. He’s sprawled out catching a line drive with an enlarged black glove and the ball sitting comfortably in the webbing.  His knees are bolted in with 2 screws as the back baseball card base is sturdy enough to hold the bobble itself. The background is a beautiful picture of Fenway Park as the sun is going down. The clarity and detail is phenomenal on the backing. It stands roughly 12 inches tall and is very observant to the eye. 

The top of the base is super thick and has a Fenway “Green” color to it. FOCO added some excellent features that includes a sturdy Red Sox helmet and a bat. On the front of the base sits a baseball card nameplate that has Mookie’s stats and player profile. Very creative approach to highlight the player. 

Sniper Rating: Going with the Fidget Spinner theme, FOCO added another one to this special piece. Each side has lights shining on the Green Monster scoreboard and is very flashy. Bett’s number #50 is in the middle of the spinner and the Sox logo “B” is on the other side. The smooth 3 blade rounded sides makes the spinner easy to maneuver. On top of it, the spinner is super heavy meaning it’s built to last!







The box is another great thing I love about this overall “Special Edition” bobble. On one side is a HUGE photo of Mookie in a black and white photo and on the other side has a colorful picture of Fenway Park, the Sox logo and Mookie’s number. 

Given the height being 12 inches and the amount of detail, I would spend my hard earned $60.00 on this exclusive Mookie bobble. He’s the absolute future of the Red Sox and you’ll want to display this to turn heads in your collection. Limited to only 2,017 this is in my top 5 of Red Sox bobbles that sit in the bobble cave. Mookie scores a 10.0. 

Copy and paste the link and enjoy a great product of one of the best players in baseball.