Bobble of the Day

Player: Mookie Betts

Team: Lowell Spinners

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Success Promotions

Mookie! Will he win the MVP like he should have last year? Yes! He got fucked by Trout but Trout’s team didn’t even sniff the playoffs. Without Mookie in the Sox’ lineup, they win 20 fewer games. 

So the Lowell Spinners came out with this beauty of an SGA last year. The base is fresh looking and has Mookie’s name in raised letters against a red trim. I love the home plate Success Promotions put on the base representing Mookie is at bat. The pants look dope as hell with the red pinstripe and matching white batting gloves. The Red Sox logo is on his left shoulder which is a nice added feature. 



Sniper Rating: Mookie is now the face of the franchise now that Big Papi retired and I would highly recommend starting to stock up on Mookie’s bobbles ASAP. He’s not even 24 years old and will destroy numbers that know one has seen before. He’s a fun, energetic player and this particular bobble needs to be front and center in your Curio. Mookie and his Spinners SGA score a 9.0.

P.S. The box is crazy detailed and has a nice attractive glossy coating!