Bobble of the Day

Miss Lippy (Billy Madison) 

Team: Akron Rubberducks

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: ?

Billy Madison falls ever so slightly under the radar of being an all-time classic movie. It’s funny. It’s silly. It’s a feel good movie. And her we have Miss Lippy; Billy’s first grade teacher who sends the students out to recess and proceeds to put glue all over her face like its cum. She’s oddball character but people love her and so do I. 

The Akron Rubberducks are known to give out themed, movie bobbles and they decided this year to hand out a Miss Lippy. I heard she was at the ballpark signing autographs. I like this one a lot. It adds character to any collection. And if you’ve never seen the movie Billy Madison before, go staple your nuts to a cork board because your missing out. Great line of characters and just funny one liners all around.

On to the bobble. Miss Lippy stands roughly 7 inches tall and has a home plate base which is bad ass. She’s wearing the identical outfit as she is in the movie and same hairstyle with the heavy bangs over her forehead. Speaking of heavy, her lipstick is thick and bright as fuck. And of course, the jar of white glue she is holding just waiting to spread it all over her face. 

Sniper Rating: Anyone in their right mind that’s seen this movie knows that Miss Lippy plays a huge roll in Billy’s future and success. I mean, after all, Miss Lippy is his first grade teacher! Overall, great detail, colors and just an outstanding idea to even come up with a bobble replicating Miss Lippy. Yet another standout job by the Rubberducks as this one is getting a 9.0 rating. 

PS- It comes in a standard white box. If it came in a colored box with sponsors and pictures of Miss Lippy, it would be a sure fire 10.0. I hate the WHITE BOXES!