Bobble of the Day

Player: Mike Piazza (Homerun Apple)

Team: Brooklyn Cyclones (New York Mets) SGA

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Unknown

So everyone knows Mike Piazza was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame this past summer. The Brooklyn Cyclones (New York Mets farm team) decided to do a giveaway of a “Homerun Bobblehead Apple” commemorating Piazza hitting a blast after 9-11. This was given out on July 24th with a special ticket voucher. I was at this game and there was a huge buzz in the air regarding this bobble. It’s different as it’s not a player or mascot. It’s the famous Apple in centerfield at the old Shea Stadium! 

The quality of this bobble is beyond amazing. It’s heavy and sturdy and brings a shit ton of character to anyone’s collection. The apple with the two green leaves is very realistic and Piazza’s number “31” is stamped right in front on the fucking apple. 

Sniper Rating: Listen, this bobble isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is a Mets or Piazza fan but you can’t deny the significance of this giveaway. Piazza is known to be the greatest hitting catcher ever to play the game and what this country went through after 9-11 was horrible. When Big Mike hit a towering HR it was a gigantic sigh of relief not only for Mets fans but people around the country. This bobble has so much sentimental value and it belongs in your collection. Awesome quality bobble but more importantly a meaningful bobble to say the least. Once again, the bobble would be much cooler if it came with a colorful, photoed box but this one’s getting a 9.5 rating.