Bobble of the Day

Player: Mike Piazza

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: BD&A

The lines in front of Citi Field were out of control for this Piazza giveaway. I was there. People pushing, farting, throwing up all over the place. It was insane. I got there roughly 3 hours before the game and a few fans said they’ve been here since the fucking sun came up. Granted, it was Mike’s induction into the Hall of Fame weekend prior, fans couldn’t wait to get their mitts on this one, and rightfully so. Even though I was probably 12,oooth in line I still managed to get a dozen of them. 

So, let’s start off with the box. When put in my hands I could tell right away this thing was legit. On the front it’s got Big Mike in his Homerun swing with his #31 right in the corner. His career stats are all over the back but more importantly, it’s sprayed with blue and orange colors which caught my immediate attention. As far as the bobble is concerned, what’s not to like about it? Mike is following through with his HR swing with his arms raised. The lettering on the jersey is raised with no stickers, and the Mets logo is also raised on the hat. The base is pretty cool as he’s standing on brown dirt to replicate the batter’s box. My only gripe about this one, is our friends in China did a shit paint job. There’s smudges everywhere and they half assed the painting of it. 


img_2120  img_2121

Sniper Rating: This bobble was much more than a standard giveaway at a baseball game. This one was to commemorate Mike’s Hall of Fame induction which means the world to Mets fans everywhere. Even if you’re not a Mets fan you should get your paws on it. This is history here Snipers. You toss this into your Curio Cabinet and heads will turn. Can you imagine when grandpa comes over on Thanksgiving and gives you the ole, “Hey Kid, where the fuck you get this?” The following morning you get up all fat from eating your grill off and you look and it’s gone. Come to find out ole pops Sniped it right in front of your eyes. 2 weeks later you meet your aunt Marge over grandpa’s house and there it is, just sitting there next to grandpa’s old carton of eggs and rusty beat up bingo chips. 

Trust me, this NEEDS to be in your collection. Mike and his commemorative HOF bobble scores an 8.0. A better paint job by the young 12 yr olds over in China gets a 9.5.