Bobble of the Day

Player: Mark McGwire

Team: Oakland Athletics 

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: BD&A

So two weeks ago was the Jose Canseco “Bobble of the Day” so here is part two of the second Bash Brother; Mark McGwire. Similar to the Canseco, this McGwire if full of color and detail. The base resembles home plate with dirt and I love how they have McGwire pigeon toed as it’s actually the way he stands in the batters box. Attention to detail is never underestimated and BD&A nailed this one out of the park. 

The uniform has the bright green stripe down the pant legs and I love the color of yellow mixed in there. My one complaint about this bobble is the fact that McGwires face doesn’t look at all like Mark McGwire. He looks like a ghost who’s frozen in time. It almost looks like he’s ready to take a massive shit and he can’t hold it in anymore. That’s my gripe about this SGA. I mean after all, how hard could it be to design McGwire’s face? All you have to do is put some red facial hair, some acne spots and make his face a little more pudgier. Not hard at all folks.


Sniper Rating: A centerpiece of the “Bash Brother’s”, this Mark McGwire needs to be in your collection. It actually needed to be in there yesterday. Let alone a great player and a nice looking bobble (besides the face detail) the box for this SGA is fresh as hell. Bright colors on each side and it’s got that glossy coating which makes it more attractive. Given the fact as my only compliant on this one is the poor face design, Mr. Bash Brother is getting a 7.5 rating.