Bobble of the Day

Owner: Magic Johnson

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2013

Manufacturer: Unknown

Magic F’n Johnson man. The guy goes from Hall of Fame legacy with the Lakers, to dealing with HIV to part owner of the Dodgers. What a baller if you ask me. 

With the diverse array of bobbles that the Dodgers come out with each year, you know they had to do a Magic. I love the fact that the first thing you notice is Magic palming the baseball as one would think it would be a basketball. But no, Magic is in a baseball uni and this is a Dodger bobble. 

The letters all around the bobble that include the base, the front of the jersey and his last name on the back is raised letters. I love how the Dodgers kept Magic in a “classy” look with the dark pants considering he is part owner. The shirt and tie look sharp and the Dodgers jersey just look bad ass. When I received this bobble a few years ago I had assumed this would look nothing like Magic, but it does. The manufacturer did a hell of a job making this look like MJ. 



Sniper Rating: This Magic belongs in your curio cabinet. It needed to be in there yesterday. It’s got tons of character and it’s a former Hall of Famer as part owner! How often does that happen in the game of baseball? Magic in his Dodgers uni scores a 8.5.