Bobble of the Day

Player: Madison Bumgarner/Buster Posey

Team: San Francisco Giants 

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Being this is the first “duel” Bobble of the Day, I think it’s important to note that these two players are absolute shoe in’s for the Hall of Fame when they end their careers. What an outstanding “Duel” bobblehead of two SF Giant greats that shows the 3 World Series rings they’ve won together. 

Mad Bum and Posey are obvious battery mates and the design of this one is bad ass as they come. Both players are decked out head to toe with much detail in their off-white uniform. FOCO went the extra mile by putting Posey’s dope catching gear on which is definitely an added effect. The leg protectors are outlined in orange and the chest protector shows all the variations of padding that covers the front of him. In addition to the protective gear, Posey’s fase mask is laying right in front of his feet with as much detail as Kylie Jenner’s Botox on her lips. MadBum’s facial hair is identical of what it actually looks like in person. The 3 Championship rings on the top of the base shine like a mother f’er. Each World Series ring has the Giants logo and the year they won it. The base in which the players are standing on reads “World Series Champions” with the SF logo. 


img_1577  img_1578

Sniper Rating: There’s an insane amount of detail which makes this “Duel Bobble” so special. It’s not everyday in which a manufactuer creates and puts the money toward a quality detailed bobblehead like this one. Everything from the belts the players are wearing to the 3 WS rings on the base, the extra catchers equipment and the facial features. Any SF fan needs to have this one in their collection as it will only go up in value over time. These two studs will stroll right into Cooperstown without hesitation. Considering this bobble is limited to only #288 made, there is great value here. Well done Forever Collectibles. Well done. 9.5 on MadBum and Buster.