Bobble of the Day

Player: Lebron James

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

There’s really no explanation for this Lebron bobble. He’s the man. Was he a douche when he was on national TV with the “Decision” when he announced that he was taking his talents to South Beach to play for the Heat? Yes. Absolutely. But you cannot deny the fact that this dude can go to the worst team in the NBA and gain them 35-40 more wins. Guys like Lebron only come around once in a blue moon and the fact that so many people hate him is understandable, but people take his talents for granted. What he did to the Warriors was undeniably incredible. 

So this is his championship trophy MVP award bobble and it’s fucking sprayed with a shit ton of detail. All black sneakers to socks to shorts to jersey is boss! The facial features look on point with the beard and FOCO was generous with the hairline. He’s holding his trophy and deservingly so as he completely carried the team to the championship. The MVP letters are attached to the back of the base and the color matches the Cavs colors. I totally dig the 2016 championship emblem on the front as it adds character to the overall bobble. Also, on Bron’s arms and legs there are tattoos everywhere which is gangster! I’m not 100% sure what his tats are on his arms but on the side of his leg it says “Witness”. I’ve seen other bobbles that have tats on them but nothing like this. Very excellent detail by FOCO. I do like the yellow color surrounding strip that outlines the base. You should already know my grip. The Lebron James lettering is a god damn sticker. Come on FOCO, put the extra $1.50 and make it raised lettering as Lebron has been chasing a ring for the city of Cleveland forever! 


img_2723  img_2725

img_2732  img_2734



Sniper Rating: Whether you like or dislike Lebron, this NEEDS to be in your collection. This bobble is the equivalent of having a championship bobble of Magic, Larry or Jordan. It’s a must have as players like Lebron RARLEY come around. You can hate him or love him, but you can never hate on his ability. Take the personality out of it, Lebron is an absolute beast. That being said, King James scores a 9.0 on his first ring for the beloved Cleveland Cavaliers.